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When we are going to talk about buying a new car, timing is almost the most important thing to think about. whether you are thinking of the place to spend your holiday, or you are thinking of doing anything, and more importantly when you are thinking of buying a new car, timing is almost the most important factor whether you go to buy or not. so you can decide the best time to buy a car in a short period of time. I would like to have your attention here, and i want you to listen carefully to the information included here because i think it is very valuable and actionable at the same time. So please read carefully and try to implement them i mean the information when you are thinking about the best time to buy a car, and want to cut a better deal with shaving some dollars off the deal.

Obviously, you can have a more negotiating leverage, and can have a good deal, if you grasp the nature of salespeople and the nature of their job. So by understanding those natures and by choosing the right timing to buy a car, you can get what you want with suitable price from your perspective. so let`s talk about how the salespeople operate. Nearly all the car salespeople are driven by hitting sales targets. Every one of them is trying to achieve a target in his or her sales so every one of them is trying so hard to achieve this target. You got it now? Yes, it is the competition that motivates them because if you just think about it, there is nothing tangible about selling cars. So to motivate them and keep those going in this field, the company or the owner of the cars give those salespeople rewards, financial incentives or chances of promotion. Of course those rewards or financial incentives are not to all of the salespeople, but to the ones who achieve the particular target in sales and the ones who beco
me the best salesman of the month or the year. You see simple is that? They are driven by hitting sales targets and are motivated by competition because the competition is the lifeblood of this industry.

Using this information we can deduct that, one of the best time to negotiate for buying a car, is just before the sales figure show up. i mean just before the end of the financial year. Dealers will be more willing to move on any prices during this period, because more likely they want to bump up their number of sales. The same goes also for the end of the month because the dealer is more willing to give a little on prices to top the list of numbers of cars sold. Another important timing is, July through October.

At this period new car models are starting to come at dealerships, so to make room for those new models, sales starts to move last year`s models out. So you may need to contact your local dealership to asking about when the new models are coming. if they will arrive in October, and you intend to purchasing the current year`s model, it`s better to start watching the ads in newspapers or contact to follow the discounts that dealerships maybe offering. Another good time is, anytime the manufacturer offers financial incentives through cash back for example or any special offer maybe is the perfect time for you. If you cannot wait until the end of the month or the end of the year, you can shop for a car during the week, because if you just do like most of people i think do. I mean they shop for a car at weekends. Dealers and car salespeople are very busy at this time and have a lot of people to sell to. so you can imagine they have great supply of people who are willing to purchase a car, so if you go this time it
`s most likely you will have less negotiating leverage.

So it is better off if you shop for a car during the week not weekend. Lastly, there are a few advices to help you get the good deal you wish:

1-    Some dealers refuse to negotiate the price, so if that. Look for somewhere else.

2-     Don`t shop for a car when you are in desperate need for one because the dealer or salesman will notice this, and will try to take advantage, and maybe you can`t negotiate the price.

3-     Don`t wait until your old car is dead, but instead, try to give yourself the time to search for a new one, so that you give yourself the chance to shop around and have the best deal possible.

4-     Do the necessary research upfront and don`t rush.

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