10 Best Cars for a Teenager under $5,000

Are you about to buy your first car ever and you want the best one according to your budget and requirements? Then here you go with the top 10 car list which I assembled when I intended to buy my first car during my teen age.

When you decide to buy your vehicle, you have to consider many aspects. While looking for a best car, I based my research upon grace, reliability and efficiency.

Top 10 car list

1.    ForsMustung- It is a very suitable car for those teens who want a two-door sporty car. A positive point about the car is that it is quite heap to fix and you can easily ensure the maintenance under your budget. A negative aspect is the accumulation for less number of people so it is not fun to drive with friends.

2.    Mitsubishi Lancer-Inferior in its outdoor and indoor looks, the car is yet a very good choice for being reliable and fun to drive. Being able to drive well on gas makes it affordable for those with lesser finances.

3.    Volkswagon Golf- It is something you are going to fall in love with. This car is huge fun to drive with very attractive interiors. When you get into the car, you notice that everything has a quality like steering wheel, dial, windows and the seats. But when need repair, it has to be taken to a VW’s specialist. It is expensive to fix which makes it a hard choice.

4.    Ford Focus Hatchback- It is a very good option for those who love to plan picnics and hang out with friends since it accumulates more people and have a big trunk. It is really fun to drive. It runs well on gas and cheap to repair.

5.    Mitsubishi Eclipse- It is very smart looking car and fun to drive. It runs on gas and is very customizable. You can enhance its looks with some aftermarket parts.

6.    Mazda Protege 5- This is an absolute choice. It has a lot to offer. It is reliable, spacious, and good on gas and has great looks. It has four cylinder engine which saves it from burning rubber.

7.    Hyundai Tiburon-With more reliability and more originality, it is one of the best choice for teens. A drawback is the lesser space since it is two door sports car but it is really a blast to drive.

8.    Toyota Celica-Toyota is a brand which has proven itself as one of the most reliable in the market. This one is a quality card which runs on gas, easy to find and cheap to fix. It is the best car if you want to buy a car within $5000 pricing.

9.    Acura Integra- Another fantastic car. Tit is small in size, easy to drive, cheap to fix, good on gas and very reliable.

10.    Honda Civic- It is the best car to buy within $5000. It is something which bring huge joy to its driver. It is very spacious, cheap to fix, good on gas, smart in looks and fun to drive. With aftermarket parts, you can always make it more attractive than earlier.

So here you have the list to choose your first car. But remember, reliability does mean that your call can never breakdown. Rather reliability means that there are less chance of breakdown due to invulnerability provided by the manufacturers.

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